CIViC curation is meant to function as a community effort with multiple curators discussing and editors reviewing all content. For this reason it is valuable as a curator to know when your contributions are being discussed, modified, and reviewed. Curators can monitor their activity in a variety of ways, depending on the updates desired.

User Profile

From your User Profile, a curator can see cumulative statistics of CIViC activities, a table of your submitted evidence items, and your most recent activity:

  1. A curator’s cumulative statistics are displayed in the top right. These statistics contribute to your rank in different categories on the Contributors Page.

  2. The Evidence table shows all of a curator’s submitted evidence items and their current state (Submitted, Accepted, Rejected). Here are some tips for exploring this table:

    • Custom sort by clicking on the column headers.

    • Filter using the text boxes below the column headers.

    • Download using the “Get Data” button at any time.

    • By default, Rejected Evidence Items are hidden but can be displayed using the button in the top right corner of the Evidence grid.

  3. Recent activity is shown below the Evidence table where the last 25 actions you have performed in CIViC are displayed for quick reference. Clicking on an event will redirect your browser to that action.


Actions within CIViC by any curator trigger event notifications. You are automatically subscribed to an Evidence, Variant or Gene notification stream by submitting, suggesting revisions, or commenting on one of these entities in CIViC, allowing you to monitor subsequent activity related to the content you care about most in CIViC.

Mentions are a specific class of notifications triggered by other users. By using @username notation, other curators can draw special attention to a revision, comment or other CIViC entity specifically targeted at the mentioned curator. These are typically used when a curator or editor requires your input or action, although they can be used when a response is specifically targeted to another user.

If you are logged into CIViC and have notifications pending, this will be indicated in the top right corner of the site with a number beside your username. To view your notifications open the drop down menu beside your username and selected “Subscribed events” or “Mentions” option. If you do not have any active notifications, you can always see your notification history by selecting the “My Account” option. On the notifications page, you can browse and filter notifications and mark them as read. To view past notifications marked as read, select “All” or “Mentions” on the left, and check the “Show Read” option.

Community Page

The Community Page includes a leaderboard and a list of current curators, editors and admins using CIViC.

  • The Leaderboard can be used to identify other users that you may want to direct Mentions to when you have specific questions about actions in CIViC. Seeing your own username on the Leaderboard simply requires increasing your personal statistics shown on your User Profile page to become one of the top users in that category.

  • Finding usernames, user roles and user profiles can be best accomplished through the User listing on the Community Page.