Molecular ProfileΒΆ

The Molecular Profile Name describes the specific molecular profile (often a single variant but may be a more complex combination of variants) being interpreted for clinical relevance. Clicking on a molecular profile name in the molecular profile list for a gene will bring up a molecular profile specific page showing the component variants of the molecular profile along with their descriptions, coordinates, aliases, and associated Evidence Items and Assertions.

When curating an Evidence Item you may enter an existing Molecular Profile Name or create a new Molecular Profile (and associated variant(s)). If you create a new Molecular Profile for one not already included in the CIViC database it might correspond to a new combination of Variants already in CIViC or it might involve creating one or more entirely new Variant records.

If a new Molecular Profile is needed, please review the Molecular Profile documentation to learn more about how Molecular Profiles are created.

If one or more new variants are needed, please review the Variant Name documentation to learn more about how variant names are structured before you enter a new Variant Name.